MIYF Hint – Brake Lever Position

MIYF Hint - Brake Lever Position

And wrist pain it can cause

There are many causes for wrist and hand pain in cycling, and these causes can vary in type and intensity from person to person. A poor bike set up can often be a cause of wrist pain. A good bike set up will include not only the obvious such as seat adjustment, but also the less obvious such as foot placement and today's subject, brake lever position.

Incorrect brake lever positioning can inhibit the rider's ability to control the bike in technical braking circumstances, and put unnecessary pressure onto your wrists.

brake lever position

By setting your brake lever position down to somewhere inline with your arm, the pressure is not placed on an awkward angle at your wrist.

brake lever position

As mentioned, brake lever position is not the only cause of wrist and hand pain but correctly aligning your brake levers does at least bring your bike set up one step closer to perfect and eliminates brake levers as a cause for any wrist pain.