Private XC Sessions

Corona-virus (COVID-19) & Momentum Is Your Friend

We will be enforcing strict Social Distancing beyond the current advised distance at all times during our private xc sessions.

If you book a private session with us be ready to observe and follow the precautions below:

  • Keep space between yourself and others - our coaches and students at each session are to keep the current government and health advised minimum distances from other people at all times,
  • Don’t shake hands or hug anybody,
  • Avoid touching anything that is not yours including water bottles, bikes, bike gear or bike tools etc,
  • Cover your nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing with a tissue or a flexed elbow, and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth as much as possible.
  • If a student/participant shows up with signs of sickness we are required to turn them back home and ask them to call their doctor. As our skills instructor(s) have been engaged for the day's booking, no refund can be given.
  • If you've booked in and then feel sick in any way after making your booking but before your booking day, please let us know and you're booking will be cancelled and refunded.


Our private cross country (XC) sessions consist of One on One, Dual Student, Triple Student and group sessions. Each session has a PMBIA qualified skills instructor.
Private sessions 2 hours in length.

Please note there is no allocation during the booking process to select a date/time. This is arranged via email/text/messenger/pigeon/bike courier either before or after the booking is made!

What is a One on One session?

private mtb coaching



A One on One session is just you and a skills instructor/coach. This is designed to give you maximum attention and time during the session. One on one sessions will be tailored to your current skill level with the view to advancing your riding skills and confidence. Get full attention on what you want to learn, just you and the coach.
Session Length = 2 hrs

Pricing (XC)

2 Hour = $170 ($85 p/h) Book Now

What are Dual & Triple Student sessions?

private mtb coaching

private mtb coaching



Dual or Triple Student sessions is you, a friend or two and a skills instructor/coach. This is designed to still allow you to still have much more personal attention from the coach than a group session full of strangers, but share the experience and cost. This benefits those who are uncomfortable with the One on One scenario and, because there are two or three students in the session, costs you less money as well.
Session Length = 2 hrs

Pricing (XC)

2 Hour Dual = $130 ea ($65 p/h) Book Now
2 Hour Triple = $110 ea ($55 p/h) Book Now

What is a Private group session?

private mtb coaching

private mtb coaching

private mtb coaching



These sessions are designed for those who want to get a few family members or friends together and enjoy progressing their skills together with a skills instructor/coach. With between 4 and 6 people in the group, it takes more time to for everybody involved to have a go at the skill or skills being taught. For this reason, private group sessions are 2 hours in length.
Session Length = 2 hrs

Pricing (XC)

2 Hour for 4 = $100 ea ($50.00 p/h) Book Now
2 Hour for 5 = $90 ea ($45 p/h) Book Now
2 Hour for 6 = $80 ea ($40 p/h) Book Now

What will I learn?

Our private sessions will be tailored to what you would like to learn and what the coach sees as necessary after assessing your riding. Private sessions can be beginner or intermediate or even a mixture of both depending on your specific mountain biking skills.
The skills you learn could vary from basic trail riding through to gaining speed or even getting a little air. Although we may prompt you to learn certain skills, in the end, you will decide what you learn.

Are private sessions for me?

“I’m shy and don’t want to be among lots of people while I learn.”
“I want to get the most learning I can in the session time.”
“I know what I need to learn so I don’t want to waste time learning things I already know.”
"I'd like to learn with a friend along."
"We have a small group of us that would like to learn a couple of specific skills together."

If any of these statements sound like you then perhaps our private sessions are for you.


Mountain Bike

Although your mountain bike can be entry-level, it is required that your bike is fitted with mountain bike tyres and not touring/semi-slick tyres. If you are unsure, please ask us. We do ask that, to the best of your ability, that you try to ensure your bike is in good working order prior to the class.


You are required to wear a correctly fitting, Australian approved helmet during all sessions.

Dropper Post (optional)

Although not compulsory or required for beginners, having a dropper post on your bike is an advantage for some intermediate and advanced skills.

Knee and/or Elbow Pads (optional)

Although not compulsory, we do recommend considering extra protection in the form of soft shell pads. You not only gain the protection but also the confidence that comes from knowing you have the protection.

Book a Personal Session Today by contacting us for dates and time options!

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