Beginner Balance & Control 3Hr Session

Corona-virus (COVID-19) & Momentum Is Your Friend

We will be enforcing strict Social Distancing beyond the current advised distance at all times during our private xc sessions.

If you book a private session with us be ready to observe and follow the precautions below:

  • Keep space between yourself and others - our coaches and students at each session are to keep the current government and health advised minimum distances from other people at all times,
  • Don’t shake hands or hug anybody,
  • Avoid touching anything that is not yours including water bottles, bikes, bike gear or bike tools etc,
  • Cover your nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing with a tissue or a flexed elbow, and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth as much as possible.
  • If a student/participant shows up with signs of sickness we are required to turn them back home and ask them to call their doctor. As our skills instructor(s) have been engaged for the day's booking, no refund can be given.
  • If you've booked in and then feel sick in any way after making your booking but before your booking day, please let us know and you're booking will be cancelled and refunded.


We run these as a group session a few times each year. To book in for one of these sessions, keep an eye on our home page for the next session to be listed and click that link.

For ages 13 yrs and above.
Our Beginner Balance & Control Session is approx. a 3 hour session of lessons on various skills to help a rider increase their overall balance and control and confidence at low speed on the bike.
Each group may contain up to approx. 10 riders maximum. Each session with more than 4 participants will have 2 coach/instructors.


Our Beginner Balance & Control Session is aimed at those riders who have done our Beginner Skills 3hr Session through to riders who have been riding a little while but feel like they need some balance related skills instruction.
Momentum Is Your Friend employs PMBIA and MTBA accredited coaches.


Our Beginner Balance & Control Session will begin with nice, easy  balancing and control skills and progress through towards skills that give the riders better stability and confidence.

Skills learned will include the following and more.

  • Correct body positions
  • Using focal points
  • Understanding momentum and balance
  • Separate front and rear wheel control
  • Riding on narrow trail and bridges

Note: Session and program content may be altered at the coaches discretion for reasons of safety, weather, to better cater for the riders or other requirements.


If you are not confident when your bike is traveling very slowly then yes. Do you fit any or all of these statements? If so, then again, Yes.

“I have a mountain bike but I’m scared to ride it on mountain bike trails.”
“Riding over skinny bridges scares me.”
“When I slow right up, I feel like I'll fall right off.”
“I can't help but let my wheels slam into rocks and roots.”

If any of these statements sound like you then perhaps this group program is for you.


Your mountain bike will need to be suited to cross country riding and fitted with mountain bike tyres. Touring or semi-slick tyres are not suitable.

If you are unsure about any of this, please ask us.
We do ask that, to the best of your ability, that you try to ensure your bike is in good working and properly set up for your body shape and weight prior to the class. We cannot hold the class up to aid mechanical repairs.

  1. Bike in good working order (including your usual spares for rides, chain lubed etc)
  2. Helmet (compulsory of course)
  3. Snacks & Water (in hydro pack or bottles etc for breaks)
  4. MTB Gloves (recommended but not compulsory)
  5. Sunscreen & Bug Spray (just in case it's a beautiful day or the bugs hate us)
  6. Change of Clothes (so you don't stink your car out going home)

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