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How Do I Train For The Port to Port?

How Do You Train For 4 Days Of MTB Racing? Action Plans & Analysis We've had a few people ask us, just this week alone, how they should get serious about training for the upcoming Port to Port, 4 day, 4 stage race in May 2019. Wow... how long is that piece of string? So…
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Setting MTB Goals

Setting MTB Goals It's all too hard How often do you find yourself saying things like “I wish I was lighter”, “I wish I was faster”, “I wish I could climb stronger”, “I wish I was fit enough to enjoy a big race” etc etc. Most of us find ourselves not saying these types of…
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MTB EBikes

MTB EBikes - Devil’s Spawn or a Gift from the Gods? The Only Constant is Change Every now and then, a significant change comes along to the MTB scene to rock our world one way or the other. And every time it happens, riders are divided, vocal and opinionated about it. No so long ago…
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Brake Check

Brake Check Checking your brakes is a good habit If you've been riding for years you probably do check your brakes regularly, or maybe you don't. You've probably been out on a ride at some stage when suddenly things got awfully noisy when you applied your brakes, only to find you'd worn them completely out.…
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LBS vs Online

LBS vs Online Shopping with a Local Bike Shop or on the Net There's no denying that money can be saved by purchasing many bike items on the internet. These days, there are very few riders who don't buy at least some items they need online rather than going down to a local bike shop.…
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