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How Do I Train For The Port to Port?

How Do You Train For 4 Days Of MTB Racing? Action Plans & Analysis We've had a few people ask us, just this week alone, how they should get serious about training for the upcoming Port to Port, 4 day, 4 stage race in May 2019. Wow... how long is that piece of string? So…
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Snowies MTB Festival

My Snowies MTB Festival started many months ago when I committed to helping promote and ride in the race opportunities the festival presented. In my head, I had tons of time to build up my strength, fitness and dial in my skills. How quickly the time passes! Staying fixated and successfully sticking to a training…
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2017 PBM Hardrock 6 Hr Race Report

We decided to head up to Taree for the Taree Tip Riders PBM Hardrock 6 Hr about 2 months prior to the big day. By the time Aug 20 came around for race day however, most of our training plans had been well and truly trashed thanks to winter flu’s and colds. Momentum Is Your…
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MIYF Hint – Brake Lever Position

MIYF Hint - Brake Lever Position And wrist pain it can cause There are many causes for wrist and hand pain in cycling, and these causes can vary in type and intensity from person to person. A poor bike set up can often be a cause of wrist pain. A good bike set up will…
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MIYF Hint – Extra Protection

MIYF Hint - Extra Protection It's NOT Wussy To Wear protection! Gone are the days when elbow and knee protectors were the domain of the Downhill riders only. These days, there is a plethora of cross country and all mountain trails around that provide ample opportunity to hurt yourself if you aren't careful, don't ride…
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