Accredited Coaching

Just wondering, if you need someone to teach you to drive, you’d want them to be well qualified right? If they were teaching you to skydive good qualifications might be preferred in your instructor we’d imagine, yeah? And you wouldn’t want to see “Self taught” or “Sponsored by Weetbix” in those qualifications either it’s possibly safe to assume. So what about mountain biking? Just because someone can ride well doesn’t mean they ride properly or have a clue how to coach someone safely or properly. Some folk couldn’t teach a rabbit to jump. But we have PMBIA and MTBA! What’s that you ask? Glad you did…

Only The Best Will Do

Momentum Is Your Friend has, and will only accept coaches with the top recognised qualifications in the country… and beyond. Any coaches working for us have completed instructor courses from at least, Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA). This accreditation is recognised as the minimum qualification necessary to safely give instruction in this country. The MTBA are currently, we understand, redeveloping their coaching courses to align with the PMBIA.

Taking It To New Levels

The PMBIA is the Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association and is growing as the only globally recognised qualifications. Momentum Is Your Friend is proud to have PMBIA qualifications also. Currently across North America, Australia, New Zealand, Chile and the United Kingdom, the PMBIA was started in Canada and takes the field of MTB instruction to new levels. The PMBIA not only ensures you are learning your MTB skills in a safe and, importantly, a progressive manner, you are learning from someone trained in how to teach as well. It’s not just about the skills and maneuvers, it’s about learning them in a way that is constructive and conducive to a proper learning environment.
So, whether you are in our region of training, or elsewhere in the country, check out the qualifications of any instructors you might consider, not all instructors are your best choice.