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Snowies MTB Festival

My Snowies MTB Festival started many months ago when I committed to helping promote and ride in the race opportunities the festival presented. In my head, I had tons of time to build up my strength, fitness and dial in my skills. How quickly the time passes! Staying fixated and successfully sticking to a training…
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2017 PBM Hardrock 6 Hr Race Report

We decided to head up to Taree for the Taree Tip Riders PBM Hardrock 6 Hr about 2 months prior to the big day. By the time Aug 20 came around for race day however, most of our training plans had been well and truly trashed thanks to winter flu’s and colds. Momentum Is Your…
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Accredited Coaching

Just wondering, if you need someone to teach you to drive, you'd want them to be well qualified right? If they were teaching you to skydive good qualifications might be preferred in your instructor we'd imagine, yeah? And you wouldn't want to see "Self taught" or "Sponsored by Weetbix" in those qualifications either it's possibly…
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IMBA Rules of the Trail

IMBA - Rules of the Trail The International Mountain Bike Association has been offering guidance to mountain bike groups around the world for decades. During that time they have developed a set of rules for mountain bikers to follow which promotes courtesy, continued access to trails and safety among mountain bikers themselves as well as…
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