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How Do I Train For The Port to Port?

How Do You Train For 4 Days Of MTB Racing? Action Plans & Analysis We've had a few people ask us, just this week alone, how they should get serious about training for the upcoming Port to Port, 4 day, 4 stage race in May 2019. Wow... how long is that piece of string? So…
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Setting MTB Goals

Setting MTB Goals It's all too hard How often do you find yourself saying things like “I wish I was lighter”, “I wish I was faster”, “I wish I could climb stronger”, “I wish I was fit enough to enjoy a big race” etc etc. Most of us find ourselves not saying these types of…
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Saddle Soreness – Avoiding It Down Under

Saddle Soreness - Avoiding It Down Under The human anatomy is rather varied. It’s probably true that, to a kangaroo, we all look the same. However, where skin and bone meet the bike seat, that just isn’t true. Whether you possess “chick bits” or the old “sausage and eggs”… chances are, you differ even from…
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Going Tubeless

Going Tubeless The pro and cons and how to actually go tubeless Most of you will have heard about running tubeless tyres on your mountain bike. Many of you will have a good idea about to actually make the switch to a tubeless tyre set up. However, many of you will not be sure how…
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Wear Glasses

To Wear Or Not To Wear Glasses "The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades" With decades of riding behind us, we've seen and heard a lot of "Wow, what a freak thing to happen", happen. From a tiny twig jamming a chain just right so it rips a rear derailleur clean off the bike,…
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