Triple Student 2 Hr Private Session


private mtb coachingTriple Student 2 Hr Private Session


Our triple student sessions focus on what the students want or need to learn. Students often find that having a few friends along, not only reduces the cost per head, but also adds to the enjoyment while learning.


2 Hour Triple = $100 ea ($50 p/h)

Package includes

  • 2 hour private session of professional skills training for 3 persons
  • Your choice of location* from our available locations (listed below)
  • Your choice of beginner and/or intermediate skill(s) to be taught

NOTE: Although your mountain bike can be entry level, it is required that your bike is fitted with mountain bike tyres and not touring/semi-slick tyres. If you are unsure, please ask us.

What will I learn?

We can teach you anything from how to check your bike for problems through to learning to jump.

Common skills we are asked to teach include the following:

  • Advanced cornering quickly on flat turns and berms
  • Basic cornering
  • Dealing with rocks
  • Wheel lifting & manuals
  • Bike handling for more speed
  • Climbing & descending steep, pinches and switchbacks
  • Small jump/hopping
  • Race skills
  • Location specific manoeuvres
  • Correct positioning on the bike
  • Choosing the best lines
  • Correct gear changing
  • Correct braking
  • Getting over small obstacles
  • and more.

*For both safety and maximum cost benefit to the customer, the students will all need to learn same skills together.

Is this session for me?

"I'm shy so I prefer to learn in a group of people I know."
“I have a mountain bike but I’m scared to ride it on mountain bike trails.”
“I would just like to learn properly.”
“I have not mountain biked in a long time and need to brush up on my skills.”
“I can ride ok but struggle to get over logs or down hills.”
“I would just like to learn how to hop over obstacles properly.”
“Can't work out how to take corners faster.”
“I already ride well but I’m not really getting better.”
“My riding friends are all better than I am.”
“I can ride ok but struggle when trails point down over rocks.”

If any of these statements sound like you then perhaps this session is for you.


We have several locations available to us through NSW Forestry and NSW National Parks for teaching.

  • Glenrock MTB Park - Cnr Gun Club Rd & Fernleigh Loop, Merewether NSW 2291 - MAP
  • Awaba MTB Park - 600m up Jenkins Rd (Dirt) at 275 Mount Faulk Rd, Olney NSW - MAP
  • Ourimbah - 600m up Red Hill Rd (drive on dirt road past the Tree Tops Adventure Park) at 275 Yarramalong Rd, Ourimbah NSW. - MAP

* Locations to be confirmed and will be changed if trail or weather conditions are not favorable on the day.

Terms and Conditions

Triple Student 2 Hr Private Session