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How Do I Train For The Port to Port?

How Do You Train For 4 Days Of MTB Racing? Action Plans & Analysis We've had a few people ask us, just this week alone, how they should get serious about training for the upcoming Port to Port, 4 day, 4 stage race in May. Wow... how long is that piece of string? So many…
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Fuels & Burning Fat

Our previous article dealt with body weight and how it affects our riding. We delved into being overweight versus slim, and various aspects of that for the mtb rider. This article will be symbiotic to that article as we look a little into not just fats, but also sugars, carbohydrates and some nutrition as we…
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Body Weight, Muscle And Riding

Mountain bike riders come in all shapes and sizes. Thankfully, mountain biking seems to cater nicely to all riders no matter of age, gender, physical size, shape, weight, fitness or skill level. But, regardless of where we fit into that list, most of us would like to be faster. How does body weight affect our…
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Newbies Guide To Social Rides

As a newbie to the world of mountain biking, the prospect of going along for a ride with people you don’t know is a daunting thought. Exciting on one hand, yet frightening on the other. Many questions pass through your mind, so we’ll explore a few and give some tips to help you gain some…
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The MTB Rider and Fatigue – Pt 2 Managing Fatigue

In our previous article we talked about what your riding fatigue actually was and a little about how it occurs within your body. Now we look at what we can do to lessen the fatigue. Increasing Your Lactate Threshold and Fatigue Resistance Your lactate threshold is a term used to describe the maximum steady effort…
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MTB Endurance Races – 4 To 24 Hours

MTB Endurance Races 4 To 24 hours MTB Endurance races such as 4, 6, 8, 12 and 24 hours sounds like a daunting undertaking on an MTB, especially to someone new to the sport. However, the beauty of MTB endurance races is that they are open to riders with a wide range of skill, fitness…
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