Intermediate MTB Skills Stepping It Up Program

Corona-virus (CORVID-19) & Momentum Is Your Friend

In response to the current Coronavirus crisis we are only running private XC sessions. We are not running any of our group sessions or higher risk sessions such as gravity enduro.


Our intermediate mtb skills 'Stepping It Up' program is aimed at those riders who feel they are now above beginner level and want to advance to an intermediate level. Riders this program suits probably already ride many of the basic obstacles and features on country cross trails but now want to take on some of the technical challenges that evade them and gain more speed. This program takes the skills you learn as a beginner and introduces new and advanced skills to improve your riding overall.
Momentum Is Your Friend employs PMBIA and MTBA accredited coaches.


Sessions within our intermediate mtb skills 'Stepping It Up' program, will continue to educate you on everything riding, including skills helpful in racing and general mountain biking.

Skills learned will include:

  • Advanced cornering quickly on flat turns and berms
  • Dealing with Rocks
  • Wheel lifting & manuals
  • Bike Handling for more speed
  • Climbing & descending steep, pinches and switchbacks
  • Small jump/hopping
  • Race skills
  • Location specific manoeuvres

Note: Session and program content may be altered at the coaches discretion for reasons of safety, weather, to better cater for the riders or other requirements.


I’m an average rider I think but...
“I would love to learn to tackle some more challenging trail features.”
“My friends seem smoother and faster. I want that too.”
“I can’t get up and over roots and rocks well.”
“I can’t leap off the log drops and stuff.”
“I’m slow down hill.”
“I already ride a lot but I’m not really getting better.”

If any of these statements sound like you then perhaps our intermediate mtb skills 'Stepping It Up' program is for you.


Our intermediate mtb skills 'Stepping It Up' program consists of up to 5 sessions and delivered over several weeks.
These are group sessions for people from 13 yrs old and up. Each group may contain up to approx 8 riders and typically last for around 3 hours.


Mountain Bike

Although your mountain bike can be entry level, it is required that your bike is fitted with mountain bike tyres and not touring/semi-slick tyres. If you are unsure, please ask us. We do ask that, to the best of your ability, that you try to ensure your bike is in good working order prior to the class.


You are required to wear a correctly fitting, Australian approved helmet during all sessions.

Dropper Post (optional)

Although not compulsory, having a dropper post on your bike is an advantage for some intermediate and advanced skills.

Knee and/or Elbow Pads (optional)

Although not compulsory, we do recommend considering extra protection in the form of soft shell pads. You not only gain the protection but also the confidence that comes from knowing you have the protection.

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