Leanne is a fantastic coach... each lesson is a progression on the one before so you are consistently building on your skills each lesson... and she works at each individual persons pace even though we are a group and she is keen for you to practice a skill to you feel confident at it. Very supportive and encouraging.. love it!

Kylie Rapley,

WOW what an amazing course and coach. I am a female in my fifties looking forward to a retirement in a few years. MTB riding is new to myself but an interest I really wish to pursue now and in retirement. Leanne's course thru Momentum Is Your Friend provides positive, highly relevant, safe, practical skills in a supportive environment to help achieve your individual goals. As a small group Leanne approach encourages fun, lots of laughs and a opportunity to meet like minded mates. Thank you Leanne. I certainly will be spreading the word.

Denise McCutchan,

I was having some difficulties with a pretty basic skill and was very frustrated. After a short one on one session with Leanne she had quickly spotted what I was doing wrong and explained and demonstrated a solution.
20 minutes later I had pretty well mastered the basics and will now just need some practice to become more proficient.
I can thoroughly recommend Leanne if you are looking for skills to start you off in mtb or are, like me, just having trouble with one particular skill. It could make all the difference to your riding!

Leonie Hickey,

Getting some mountain bike coaching from Momentum Is Your Friend has made a huge improvement to my riding. Each riding skill was carefully explained & demonstrated before being practiced by me. In such a supportive & fun environment I have gained the confidence to try new skills and have even begun to ride obstacles, switchbacks and drops I previously would have balked at. I never get tired of the thrill of riding parts of the trail for the first time.